3 Of The Most Common Skin Problems In Dogs & How To Treat Them

Pleasant Hill Veterinary HospitalAt Pleasant Hill Veterinary Hospital we understand just how important your pets are to you. We know they are like family and deserve nothing but the best possible care. That’s why we make it our mission to properly educate pet owners.

Knowing what to look for and how to treat it is key to keeping your pet happy and healthy for a very long time to come. Below you will find 3 common skin problems in dogs and how you can treat them.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is without a doubt the most common both dogs and cats tend to have. This is usually due to indoor heating. It can dry out your dogs skin and make it very itchy. Diet also plays a role in dry skin developing. If your dog isn’t getting enough amino acids in their diet it can lead to dry skin. If your dog is constantly scratching that could be a sure sign he or she has dry skin.

One simple way to treat dry skin is to shampoo your dog with moisturizing shampoo. This will help eliminate a lot of the dryness and itching. If your dog has a severe case of dry skin try using oatmeal shampoo.


Ringworm is a skin problem caused by Microsporum canis. Generally speaking it affects young adult dogs and puppies. Microsporum canis, which is a fungus, can quickly spread all over your home. It can get in your carpet, on your bed and even on toys. So its not something you want to play with. It can easily spread to humans. And if you have small children in the home they are the most susceptible.

If you think your dog has ringwworm bring them in to Pleasant Hill Animal Hospital. One of our veterinarians will prescribe a shampoo or cream to help eliminate the infection. If you have a long haired dog you will probably need to have them shaved in order for the treatment to be effective.

Staph Infection

Staph infection is caused by a bacteria known as Staphylococcus. It is a bacteria that is present in the environment on a regular basis. However, it will only cause problems if the skin is broken or if your immune system is some how compromised. With puppies their immune system is still developing which is why they are more susceptible to staph infections.

Staph bacteria has a variety of different strains. Some of which don’t always respond very well to treatment. It is best to speak with a veterinarian to see what the best treatment will be for your dog.