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Dental Implants Eugene Oregon

It’s pretty well know now that throughout the U.S. there are a lot of people who struggle with tooth loss, tooth decay, gingivitis, or other dental problems due to injury. It wasn’t that long ago where your only solution was the use of bridges or dentures. There are many downsides to using bridges and dentures. Fortunately for all of those who struggle with these dental issues and those of us who may struggle in the future, we now have a much better solution. We have the option of getting artificial dental implants.

Cosmetic dentists can now offer natural-looking teeth that essentially don’t have any of the downsides that you have with dentures and bridges. The teeth are permanent and are actually implanted right into the bone. Many people who have implants say they can’t even tell that they have artificial teeth. Dental implant surgery is minimally invasive, and often times no follow-up work is ever needed.

Some of the other benefits can be an improvement in speech, increased self-esteem and confidence, no more upkeep, an improvement in oral hygiene and health, and no more embarrassing moments of having your dentures fall out while you are eating. There are some disadvantages. Dental implants can be expensive and they aren’t always covered by insurance companies.

Before making any rash decisions, it is always a good idea to consult with your dental health care team. You may also want to speak with your primary care doctor. It is very important to choose the right dental health care provider to perform your implant surgery. Choose a dentist that specializes in implants and cosmetic dentistry. If you are in the Eugene Oregon area, I recommend ChrisDental.

Chris Dental is a full-service family dentist in Eugene Oregon that also specializes in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. CrisDental has four other locations in Roseburg, Salem, West Salem, and Springfield. For new patients, CrisDental offers a $28 exam and x-ray special. They also have a free kids dental program. They work with some local non-profit agencies that help cover the cost of dental services for children who are less fortunate. To schedule your appointment today, call 1-855-455-8902.