How To Prolong The Life Of Dental Implants

Dental Implants Madison WisconsinDental implants are a great solution for people who have lost teeth and would rather not have to deal with dentures. They are a long term investment, but like natural teeth require good care to last. Going to reputable Madison Dentists specialists is important as the procedure is delicate. It involves the fusing to the artificial tooth to the jawbone. Here are dental implant care tips that should see your investment outlast your natural teeth.

  1. Brush twice daily

Just like with natural teeth, you should take care to carefully brush your dental implants twice a day. This will reduce the risk of plaque buildup. It will also reduce the chances of periodontal disease. Also remember to floss, even if it is between two dental implants. If you leave food trapped in between teeth, it can rot and lead to infections of the gum.

If your gums become infected, the jawbone could follow. This could affect the stability of the artificial tooth. This can in turn also affect any natural teeth to the sides. Always make use of teeth cleaning products recommended by your dentist of the particular type of implants you have.

  1. Dental checks

Having a dentist check on the health of your natural and artificial teeth is very important. This should be a regular check up, done twice a year. A dentist is better qualified to note any signs of periodontal disease and act quickly to resolve it. Thankfully, most infections can be successfully treated with the early detection.

  1. Avoid abrasion

Although these teeth are firmly fixed, certain actions can loosen the bond and lead to serious problems. Getting hit in the mouth, grinding teeth and nighttime clenching are examples of this. The impact and gradual wearing down of the implant can cause the teeth to crack, loosen and even be fall out.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water will help get rid of any residual food in the mouth. Remnants of food tend to cause the buildup of plaque and if there is sugar, erosion of the enamel of natural teeth. This will generally weaken your oral health and make you more vulnerable to periodontal disease. A good diet, exercise and plenty of water will go along way it maintaining your teeth.

  1. No smoking

Smokers tend to have very bad teeth and gums. The nicotine that accumulates in the system cuts down on blood supply to the gums. This makes a person more vulnerable to periodontal disease. It is a good idea to stop smoking so as to encourage a healthy mouth that can better support dental implants.

Dental implants can help you regain you confidence and full functionality of the mouth. In order to ensure these teeth last you a lifetime, be sure to pay close attention to your Dental Implants Madison WI specialists. They will help you to pick out the best suited type of dental implants for your case. They will also guide you on how to best care for them.